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Pharma Process Bottles

Flexible Containment Isolators

High Quality Isolators based on a Flexible Modular Design

Supply of traditional flexible isolators into the Life Science industry is marked by high cost, poor performance and long lead times, but faster drug development has brought a demand for a new and better approach.

Ezi-Dock Flexible Isolators have been developed specifically to meet market demand for high-quality isolators at short notice and lower cost. Our ‘design-from-scratch’ approach has produced a modular system using unique components which can be combined to produce multiple isolator formats, all based on one, highly-superior design.

Since the construction is modular, parts can be held permanently in stock, drastically reducing both cost and lead times.

Why Choose Ezi-Dock Flexible Containment Isolators?

Ezi-Dock’s modular design is based on stainless steel frame with GFRN connectors, allowing fast and flexible development of isolator systems with no long lead times or custom-manufactured parts.

Furthermore, our unique Inlet and Exhaust HEPA filter connection ports use Ezi-Dock’s Ezi-Flow CSV technologies to perform a safe change of the flexible enclosure reducing overall cost and waste by keeping the expensive H14 HEPA filters in place.

Key Features

Draws HEPA filtered air from the environment and returns it via an exhaust HEPA filter and terminal HEPA filter located in the exhaust system.

Air filtration and regulation between chambers performed by integrated P3 filters mounted within internal film bulkheads.

Flexible enclosure body and utility sleeves manufactured from a highly durable TFL-1GX polyether-based thermoplastic polyurethane film.

Ezi-Flow CSV discharge connection ports moulded through the base of the flexible enclosure allowing contained discharging of product down to 0.5μg/m³ in standard format. Lower containment levels can be achieved by applying a secondary barrier around the Ezi-Flow CSV valve.

Shoulder cuffs mounted into faces requiring operator interaction complete with 3-part glove sleeve.

Item entry and set up of the flexible isolator system provided by gas-tight zippers. 

Base Plates manufactured from 6mm FDA Grade PVC.

Continuous Liner Port manufactured from 3mm FDA Grade PP.

45m long pleated Continuous Liner manufactured from a 3-layer coextruded polyethylene film. 

Self-regulating isolator exhaust system housed within a stainless steel fan box. Optional items available inclusive of light control, interlock control, chamber integrity testing sequence and nitrogen purging system.

Inert gas environment for oxygen-sensitive applications.


Ezi-Dock Containment Isolators