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Pharma Process Bottles

Bench-Top Isolator

High Quality Isolators for Single or Occasional Use

The ultimate solution for speed and convenience, the Ezi-Dock Bench-Top Isolator can be easily erected in less than 2 minutes from being removed from its outer packaging.

This remarkably convenient unit is ideal for single or occasional use applications where space is restricted, yet continues to offer the durability and performance you expect from Ezi-Dock Systems.

Why Choose Ezi-Dock Bench-Top Isolators?

The Bench-Top Isolator is an excellent solution for small-scale containment applications. Its purpose is more to provide a barrier to the external environment, than to provide full containment. Operators working with toxic products should still wear PPE when working with this isolator and when removing items following the process.

Applications would typically include:

  • Small scale weigh and dispense applications.
  • Small scale Solution preparation.
  • Small scale QA analysis of pharmaceutical products and other potentially harmful materials within laboratories.
  • In Process Control (IPC) checks
  • Working within a low 02 or RH environment.
  • PPE against dangerous packages within the defence industry.

Key Features

Shoulder cuffs mounted into the front face of the flexible enclosure complete with 3-part glove sleeve. 

Flexible enclosure body and utility sleeves manufactured from a TFL-1GX polyether-based thermoplastic polyurethane film.

Base matting manufactured from an electrostatic discharge, smooth-finish synthetic rubber.

Set up of the flexible isolator system provided by gas- tight zipper.

Support frame formed from white glass fibre rods with retention attachments.

P3 air filter integrated into the rear face to allow the isolator to erect itself when collapsed, and to allow pressure equalization due to operator movement inside the 2 glove sleeves.


Ezi-Dock Containment Isolators