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Ezi-Dock Portable Aseptic Isolator (PAI)

High Quality Isolators for Single or Occasional Use

The Ezi-Dock Portable Aseptic Isolator is a capable and cost-effective mobile isolator offering compact size and simplicity of use. The PAI offers multi-mode operation, so each PAI can be instantly switched from a Type 1 (positive pressure), to a Type 2 (negative pressure) or to a Class 3 Microbiological Safety Cabinet (MSC) and is compliant with all associated standards including ISO14644-7 and BSEN12469.

Why Choose Ezi-Dock Portable Aseptic Isolators (PAI)?

The Ezi-Dock PAI is suitable for many applications such as clinical trials, chemotherapy and radio-isotope treatments that require a safe and clean micro-environment, close to the patient, and is available ex-stock for speedy supply.

Since the PAI unit is NATO codified, it is also supplied in a permanent MSC Class 3 version for category 4 pathogenic work (such as Ebola sampling/handling) as used by military customers. This MoD variant can have a built-in formalin vaporiser and neutraliser system which is used for decontamination.

Key Features

Draws HEPA filtered air from the environment and returns it via a dual-in-line exhaust HEPA filter.

Shoulder cuffs moulded into the front isolator screen complete with 3- part glove sleeve.

Provides 0.36 m/s airflow across the working surface, 100mm away from the filter surface.

Two fans supply and exhaust the air in a 100% ‘Push- Pull’ configuration.

Air Change Rate (ACR) and Internal Pressure are automatically controlled.

Isolator can be run at a positive or negative pressure to provide product or operator protection.

A 12L transfer hatch is also purged with HEPA filtered air.

Built-in chamber integrity test performed using simple inlet and exhaust air magnetic covers.

Variable oxygen and nitrogen-controlled environment.

Can run on its own 24VDC battery system or from the mains with its 100V - 240V input.

Can be supplied as a bench model or with its own electrically operated adjustable height trolley powered from the PAI’s integral 24VDC battery system.

Inbuilt Filter Cleanliness monitoring with changeout indication.


Download a detailed description and specification of the Ezi-Dock PAI.