6 inch Glands and Fittings

6 inch Glands and Fittings

The largest portfolio of IBC products available in the World


Ezi-Dock™ Systems manufacture and supply an extensive range of IBC Glands, Caps, Valves and Ancillary Fittings. All products are manufactured from materials that fully comply with both EU and US FDA Food Contact Regulations. Ezi-Dock™ products can be supplied in HDPE and with Viton O Rings in order to be compatible with certain chemical compounds or products that require a high-temperature fill.

The Ezi-Dock™ range of Valves and Fittings is the largest portfolio of IBC products available in the World. As well as being suitable for all “Bag in Box” applications Ezi-Dock™ Fittings are suitable for use with Bulk Flexitanks.

New products are constantly being added to our portfolio, many of which have been specifically designed to solve the unique handling needs of our clients. Should our existing range of products not fulfil your needs we would be happy to discuss a new potential solution.

6 Inch Glands and Fittings

The Ezi-Dock™ 6 inch range of IBC Fitments is specifically designed for the handling of highly viscous materials. Products such as Printing Inks, Gels, Pastes & Greases are ideally suited for this product range.

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