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Key Processes

Ezi-Dock™ Systems is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of World Class Industrial Packaging Solutions for the handling and storage of highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HAPIs), chemicals, toxic or sensitive materials. Our design team has worked closely with specialised manufacturers for many years and has developed improved solutions for many key manufacturing processes.

Contained Transfer

Ezi-Dock Systems combines a deep understanding of modern manufacturing environments with an innovative approach to product and system design, allowing us to develop truly ground-breaking Contained Transfer solutions for:

  • Reactor Charging
  • Extruder Charging
  • Powder Filling Lines
  • Tablet Press Charging
  • Tablet Coater Charging
  • Blenders/Mixers
  • Filter Dryers
  • Tablet Packing Lines


Ezi-Flow™ CSV High Containment Transfer System

The Ezi-Flow™ CSV High Containment Transfer System is a unique and simple to use solution for the safe transfer of highly toxic HAPIs used in Pharmaceutical, Bio-Pharmaceutical and Chemical manufacturing. The Ezi-Flow system replaces old and inefficient technology such as split butterfly valves with a high-performance and very cost-effective unit, now being used by the majority of the World’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide:

  • High Containment Performance <1µg/m3
  • Fast, Full-Bore Discharge
  • Liquid Tight, Low Maintenance
  • Fully Disposable Chargebag & Passive Connection
  • 4-5 times cheaper than ‘Old-Style’ Split Butterfly Valve alternatives
  • Fast, Trouble-Free Supply


Aseptic Transfer

Our close study of the problems faced by manufacturers needing to complete Aseptic Transfers using existing VHP processes has led to the development of our unique Ezi-Flow™ UV-C Aseptic Transfer System.

Ezi-Flow™ UV-C Aseptic Transfer System

When customers who had discovered the benefits of switching from old-fashioned split butterfly valves to Ezi-Dock’s simpler, cheaper and more effective Ezi-Flow CSV system, began asking about Aseptic Transfer, our designers took the same approach – out with the old, in with the new! Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide aseptic transfer systems have always been time-consuming and overly complex, requiring the provision of several services at the point of use. Instead, we produced a simple, reliable ‘plug and play’ system using UV-C light. If you have access to an electric socket, the Ezi-Flow UV-C system can be deployed immediately!

Benefits of UV-C Aseptic Technology

  • Simple to Use – minimal training required
  • Fast – Sterilise to Log 6 within minutes
  • Safe – Proven UV-C technology replaces messy VHP
  • Full Bore Transfer – no product hang-up
  • Cost Effective – Low Cost, single use flexible transfer chargebags


Media Buffer Transfer

We understand the problems faced by manufacturers when transferring Media Buffers and so developed a class-leading, cost effective, single-use Media Buffer Transfer System offering the perfect combination of higher performance with lower cost.

Ezi-Dock Bio-Pack Media Buffer Transfer System

Like all Ezi-Dock process solutions, our Media Buffer Transfer System begins with the inefficiencies, cost and safety issues associated with existing processes and designs them out. Our simple system offers:

  • Large Capacity Opening – speeds flow, reduces spills
  • Superior Design – reduces the spills and overflows of traditional systems
  • PharmaPure™ Anti-Static LDPE Film – additive-free antistatic safety with no product contact
  • Separate Discharge Outlet – allows fast product transfer


Dust-Free Powder Handling

Continuous improvement and cost reduction don’t usually come hand in hand. However, with the development of the simple, high performance and cost-effective Ezi-Dock Containment System, Ezi-Dock Systems has achieved exactly that combination, resulting in the perfect solution for:

  • Food Ingredients
  • Carbon Black
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Polymer Chips
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals


Handling and Storage

All our products and systems have been specified, designed and built to improve the way you work and the environment you work in, offering better performance, better safety, better supply, and / or better cost.

Ezi-Dock Systems Handling and Storage Range

  • Process Bottles
  • Chargebags
  • Tri-Clamps
  • IBC G and F
  • FIBC Handling
  • Ezi-Strap Liner Tie System
  • PharmaPure Anti-Static LDPE Film