Ezi-Dock Systems Launches Ezi-Strap

Ezi-Dock Systems Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of the latest addition to its Pharma packaging range.


The Ezi-StrapTM is an easy to use ‘Double Tie and Cut’ solution for use with continuous liner filling isolator applications and ‘bag-out’ waste requirements.

Using either the manual or pneumatic Ezi-StrapTM Tensioner, the strap is simple to apply and offers high containment capability with demonstrated performance of less than 1μg/m3 operator exposure levels when tested using the ISPE Guidelines for the Testing of Containment Equipment.

In common with all Ezi-Dock Systems’ products, the Ezi-StrapTM system is strong and durable and has been designed and manufactured to offer long use in ‘real world’ production environments.

Ezi-StrapTM provides long-term sealing, with double lock security preventing accidental release, and useful anti-tamper and labelling capability. The system can be used across the full range of sleeve and liner sizes and materials.