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Aseptic Transfer System launched at Interphex

Ezi-Dock Systems will use Interphex New York (2nd-4th April) to launch what we feel will be our most far-reaching piece of disruptive technology yet – an innovative Aseptic Transfer system using UV-C light in place of traditional Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) systems.

Ezi-Dock’s design team and project partners Crystal IS, a division of the Asahi Kasei Group and world-leaders in high performance LED technology, have progressed at light speed to develop and validate this remarkable new system which will change forever the production lines of pharma manufacturers around the world.

VHP-based aseptic product transfer systems have always been time-consuming and overly complex, requiring the provision of several services at the point of use. Our approach to the contained transfer of APIs has always been to reduce complexity and cost whilst improving performance. We first took this approach with our Ezi-Flow CSV system, and this is now used all around the world.


Aided by Crystal IS’s extensive background in UV-C technology, we have been able to adapt our existing, well-proven high containment transfer system to deliver aseptic transfer using UV-C light rather than vaporised hydrogen peroxide. The result is a genuine game-changer for this process, providing a safer and simple ‘plug and play’ solution that provides a massive upgrade in performance whilst using less time and fewer resources at a significantly lower cost. If you have access to an electric socket, the Ezi-Flow UV-C system can be deployed immediately!

Benefits of UV-C Aseptic Technology: the Back Story

In researching and developing this new system the Ezi-Dock team spoke to many existing Pharma and Bio-Pharma customers and it was quickly apparent that levels of satisfaction with existing aseptic transfer processes were very low. “The industry knows that there is great difficulty in this area,” said Ezi-Dock’s Mike Brimson, “and there is a level of ‘wipe and pray’ mentality out there. What this means, of course, is lots of testing, retesting, and wasted time and product.

“The plain fact is that Clostridium difficile (C. Diff) can’t be reliably wiped away, and isopropyl alcohol doesn’t kill it. Flooding with UV-C, at the levels achieved by our new Aseptic system and verified in independent testing, kills C. Diff and E. Coli. Gassing with peroxide vapour is frankly almost medieval in comparison to using UV-C, and it’s costly, unsafe and wasteful.”

“With the Ezi-Flow CSV High Containment Transfer System we took the existing technology – expensive and low-performance split butterfly valves – and created a simpler, neater, and radically more cost-effective solution that required very little training. Taking the same view of Aseptic Transfer, we wanted a radically new approach that did away with complexity and toxic vapours and replaced them with a simple, effective process. We’ve worked in and around these production environments for many years and I can honestly say I can’t imagine that anyone will choose to continue with VHP when they realise a cheaper, easier and more-effective solution is available.”

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